A happy life is filled with happy days, a romantic life is filled with romantic days, and a life of love is filled with days of love. The Love Genius’s Playbook will give you everything you need to turn each of your days into ones filled with love and romance.

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About The Book

A happy life is filled with happy days, a romantic life is filled with romantic days, and a life of love is filled with days of love. The Love Genius’s Playbook is a hyper-practical guide to the core principles and behaviors that add up to a life of love.

Minimalist in nature, this guidebook cuts to the chase by distilling centuries of love principles into their simplest and most directly applicable elements. In taking this approach, the book has two primary goals. The first is to teach the reader the intellectual principles and mental habits that form the basis of all loving relationships. The second goal is to provide the reader with over 150 practical love acts that the reader can pick and choose from depending on what their romantic partner’s primary love language is. In arranging these romantic acts, called “love plays,” in this way, the book heightens its practical usage by making sure that the reader specifically does the things that will have the maximum positive emotional impact on his or her partner.

     As such, this book makes a simple promise. Namely that when you read it, understand its principles, and gain experience running love plays, then you will know how to turn any day into a day filled with love and romance. Naturally, once you’re able to choose to turn any day into a day of love and romance, you’ll have the ability to choose to live a life filled with love and romance. It’s as simple as it sounds, and the only obstacle is the time that it will take you and your significant other to form the habits of thinking and behaving in ways that are optimally conducive to love.

     If the premise of this book excites you, then The Love Genius’s Playbook is exactly what you need to make your romantic dreams come true.

Part 1 of The Love Genius’s Playbook teaches the principles of long-lasting, highly affectionate love.

Part 2 provides you with over 150 romantic acts called “love plays.” The love plays are arranged according to which of the 5 love languages they correspond to.

Words Of Love Wisdom

“We cannot rely on our native tongue if our spouse does not understand it. If we want them to feel the love we are trying to communicate, we must express it in his or her primary love language.”

Dr. Gary Chapman

Men are very easy- You treat them well, and they behave right. You don’t treat them well, and they don’t behave right.

Laura Schlessinger

An environment of carping and criticism is dangerous to your mental health, whereas those who support and encourage you bring out your true potential and spark your genius.

Willard F. Harley

What makes this book the best?

  1. Practicality. Countless outstanding books have been written on the principles and practices of love. However, if you don’t feel like reading book after book after book to gather the best practical tidbits that each one has to offer, then you’ll appreciate the way that The Love Genius’s Playbook summarizes their essential key principles in a way that is fun and practical.
  2. Applicability. So many books explain “the what” without “the how” that it boggles the mind. What good is a book if it isn’t immediately obvious how to use it? The Love Genius’s Playbook provides over 150 love plays that explain in no uncertain terms exactly what to do and why.
  3. Readability. A certain comic book villain with green hair once asked the bold question, “Why so serious?”
    This question applies doubly to stiff love books that read like the boring lecture of a monotone physics professor. None of that here. The Love Genius’s Playbook peppers in all the humor and off-color phrasing needed to keep readers engaged. In fact, you’ll be done reading the book before you even realize that you’re reading! (Individual results may vary).
  4. Affordability. At the price point of $15 with no delivery fee (since it’s digital), the barrier to entry is as low risk as possible. Moreover, you’ll have it immediately upon purchase in the few seconds that it takes to download the file.

Five Example Love Plays
One From Each Love Language


Words Of Affirmation

  1. The Appreciation Party (Words Of Affirmation) – This play will have a big emotional impact on someone whose primary love language is words of affirmation. What you do is organize a small (or large) party of appreciation to celebrate your lover for all the great and wonderful things that you appreciate about him or her.
    You want to invite their friends and family members to this party. Yet tell each invited guest to write out a list of 5 things that they appreciate about your lover before the party. You will do the same, although you’ll want to list at least 10 things that you appreciate about them if not more.
    After a pivotal point in the party, maybe after eating for example, everyone presents their list to your lover. At that point, you can ask for volunteers to see if anyone wants to read their list out loud. Don’t demand that everyone read their list out loud because some of the things mentioned might be private. After the guests have had their say, you can read your extended list to your lover.
    Once everyone who wants to has had a chance to read out their list, you collect the lists for your lover to keep. Perhaps as a gift, you can present your lover with a small box or bag to keep their affirmation lists in. (Obviously, if they have a clear place to keep all the written affirmations they ever receive, then they’ll know exactly what to do when they get a new one from you. Wink wink.)

 Quality Time

  1. Soul Gazing (Quality Time) – Soul Gazing is one of the most mesmerizing and endearing plays that a love genius can do. All it entails is that you and your lover gaze into each other’s eyes. No speaking. Simply look into each other’s eyes. Try to do this for a minimum of two minutes.
    It’s going to feel weird and awkward at first. Someone will want to laugh. Someone will want to look away. Someone will want to talk. Yet don’t do any of these things. Continue to gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes. Over time the two of you may be able to work up to being able to soul gaze for a solid five minutes. Even if not, it’s a good goal to aspire to.
    Note: Once you get the eye contact part down, incorporate T#4, Barely Breathing into your Soul Gazing.


  1. Love Anchor (Touch) – Anchoring is a term in psychology that refers to linking a physical movement with a desired emotional response. For example, if a person wants to quit smoking, then he can snap a rubber band around his wrist every time that he has an urge to smoke as a reminder to not smoke. However, anchoring can be used for anything and we’re going to be using it for long-term romantic love. So here’s what you do in both a male and female version.
    Male Version: While standing in front of your lover, stick out your right hand (palm up) and ask her for her right hand. If you know how to dance, then spin her around as you would in Salsa or Swing dance. After the spin, kiss her hand, then kiss her lips. If you don’t like this anchor, then you can come up with your own movement. The key is that it has to be the same every time. Eventually you won’t even have to say a word. She will know that every time you reach out your hand that you’re going to give her a kiss.
    Female Version: This is essentially the same as the male version, only you’ll be the one initiating the anchor. You can simply reach out your right hand (palm down) and request that he kiss your hand. After he does, give him a kiss on the lips. As you continue to do this over time, he’ll know right away that you want a kiss every time you reach out your hand in the same way.

 Acts Of Service

  1. Love Coupons (Acts Of Service) – A Love Coupon is a lot like a coupon to get an item free at a restaurant. What you do is buy a set of index cards and on the back of however many you want to create, write an act of service that you will do for your lover when they cash in the coupon with you. For example, you might write “This coupon entitles you to one free car wash,” or simply “Free Carwash.” Other coupons could be, “Free Dishwashing, Free Laundry Service, Free Vacuum Cleaning, Free Shoulder Massage, Free Gardening,” or whatever acts of service that your lover has shown to appreciate in the past.
    Just keep in mind that they get to use them whenever they want, so you might not want to give your S.O. 100 love coupons all at once.

 Receiving Gifts

  1. The Gift Trail (Receiving Gifts) – While your lover is asleep, plant various gift items around the house. The first one needs to be in an obvious place where you know they will look. Along with each gift, leave a notecard giving directions to the next gift. With each subsequent gift, give them something of greater and greater value. For extra fun, you can make the directions a series of riddles that they have to solve.

A Sample From The Love Genius’s Playbook

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