30 Deep Questions For Building Long-Lasting Emotional Intimacy

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     I firmly believe that a happy life is filled with happy days, a romantic life is filled with romantic days, and a life of love is filled with days of love. The exact opposite of such a happy and loving life is a life filled with days of feeling unloved and unwanted. Out of all the sorrows in this world, one of the ones that tears at my heart the most is witnessing true love gone wrong between couples. I don’t want that for anyone. It kills me that we live in a world in which love, the single best thing that we have, so often spoils like soured milk. That’s why I used the full force of my wit and creativity to write a book that distills centuries of love wisdom into a few key principles and action steps that will take anyone from a rocky relationship to a relationship so filled with emotionally satisfying verbal and physical expressions of love that it will make love feel entirely natural if not automatic. Remember, the day that you win is the day that you drive love like a car. That’s what this book is all about.

     However, I need your help to spread it to others. That’s because most people will not try something unless they see others doing it first. That includes giving a book they haven’t heard of a chance. On average people read at least four reviews before choosing to buy a book or any product sold online. And rightly so. People need to get a feel for something before they decide whether or not it’s right for them. This means that for writers like me whether or not anyone will give our work a shot depends almost entirely upon book reviews.

     Knowing this, I’ve created a free bonus resource to share with anyone who would be willing to help me spread the message of this book. That free resource centers around asking your significant other the sort of deep emotional questions that most people never think to ask themselves much less someone else. You see, couples naturally come to understand one another’s thoughts, preferences, and emotional predispositions more and more over time; however, this process can be sped up by years through asking specifically detailed and emotionally charged questions. This process, when done nonjudgmentally, creates a degree of bonding and interpersonal knowledge between lovers that becomes the foundation of their unconditional love. This profound sense of knowing one another from the inside out is another key part of winning the game of love.

     I’ve written over 365 of these deep emotional questions, but in exchange for the book reviews that I need to spread The Love Genius’s Playbook, I’ll simply give you the best 30 of these for free.

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